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Engine slider

For the main body, "Duracon" which is cut with the NC lathe is used. It slides and disperse the impact, coefficient of friction is a little.
Also the double structure (it sands "Hard rubber" between the base) made energy-absorbing rate increase!
It is a product that sticks to the design equipped with the cap bolt and the emblem made of the stainless steel which doesn't rust easily.
Attachment is different according to the model.

JPY 10,800

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Aluminum stay SD

It is made of Aluminum.

JPY 12,000

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Reserve tank cap L-N

for Nissin Master separate tank Lsize

threaded type
OD about 59mm、ID(nut part) about50mm

Fit Model
ZX-14R '12- Front brake
ZRX1200 DAEG Rear brake
ZRX1200 -'09 Rear brake
YZF-R1 04-07 Front brake
GSX-R1000 07-09 Front brake
GSX-R750/1100(W/C)Front brake
NINJA250R Rear brake
TL1000S Front brake
Z1000 '07 Front brake
ZX6R '05-'09 Front brake
ZX-9R Front brake
CB1300SF '03-'07 Rear brake
CBR1000RR 08 Front brake
CB400 REVO Rear brake
ZZR1400 '06-'11 Front brake
YZF-R6 '06-'10 Front brake

JPY 7,600
JPY 7,600
JPY 7,600

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